Welcome to Vancouver Island Autistic Homes Society (VIAH)

Vancouver Island Autistic Homes Society exists to enable and support adult persons with autism spectrum disorders to live in the community

  • A parent group founded VIAH in 1987, to ensure that their adult children would be assisted in daily living by persons who understood and focussed on the unique needs of individuals with autism.
  • We believe that reason for VIAH's existence is still as relevant today, as it was in 1987.


VIAH is currently recruiting new members for our Board of Directors. If you have interest in serving in this vital role, please contact us.

VIAH is accredited by CARF in the areas of:

  • Community Services: Community Housing
  • Community Services: Supports for Person with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Governance Standards Applied
This is an acknowledgement that VIAH meets internationally recognized standards of quality in the provision of outcome-driven programs and services to enhance the lives of the persons served.